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  • End-of-Year Party

    Author: Elaine, Published: Mar 16, 2019

    What a terrific party!   There were between 80 and 90 people there.  Special thanks to Rich and Judy Volden for putting it altogether.  Thanks to all the captains of the teams for keeping track of everything throughout the season.


    The weather was perfect - a bit overcast which was great.


    The winners of the day were:

    Bob and Maureen Manning for bocce

    MaryBeth and Paul Haywood for shuffleboard-- their second year in a row.

    Amie and Dale McDonald won the triathlon; Judy Volden and Bobby Jones came in second.


    Everyone pitched in to help clean up after it was over - thanks so much.

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  • Golf Tournament

    Author: Elaine, Published: Mar 15, 2019

    Special thanks to Dave Murphy and Rich Volden for all their hard work.   The winning team members were:  Rich Volden, Stan & Judy Wolff and Dan Pacquin.  Congrats.   Here are some picture

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  • Inspection of Cathodic Protection System

    Author: Mike Heins, Published: Mar 13, 2019

    Please be advised that we anticipate having a Cathodic Protection Engineering firm on-site next Thursday March 21st and Friday March 22nd..     They will need access to all unit balconies to fully inspect the cathodic protection system.  We will attempt to provide as much notice as possible to minimize any inconvenience. 

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


    RTCA Board of Directors


  • Social Committee is now the Social Club!

    Author: Elaine, Published: Mar 7, 2019

    Social Club Minutes - Wednesday, March 6, 2019

     Those present:  Leonoa Hoenes, Lorraine Pepper, Linda Rutland & Jerry Lemon, Don & June Dougall, Erma & Dick Suriana, Sherry Thomson, Anita & John McNamara, Marge & Viincent Provenzano, Mary & Len Sharpe, Lynda Murphy, Maureen Manning, Elaine & Mike Mosher, Donna & Leon McCrary, Shirley & Jim Fitzgerald, MaryBeth & Paul Haywood, Donna Brunet, Laura & John Durland, Sheila & Jim Meier, Linda & Gary Raiti, Judy Holthouse, Marge Rimer, Marilyn Dolce, Joan & Tom Decker, Anne & Bill Siudy, Rich & Judy Volden, Ed Connaghan, Barb Sappie, Lynn Flint, Dona Haydon, and Elaine McKissick

     Day Trips

    Mike Mosher presented the idea to the group about taking some day bus trips.  He said to think about some bus day trips over the summer and send any ideas to Elaine McKissick and then he will research them.  Some places he suggested were Winter Park, Al Capone's restaurant, etc.  He will try to keep the cost under $100.  When asked how many would be interested in trips like this, there were a lot of people who raised their hands. 

     Lynn Flint

    Lynn explained that the Florida state law requires committee members to be owners so to get around this, the name of the social committee will be changed to the social club.  Instead of being co-chairs, there must be a president, vice president, secretary,, treasurer and liaison to the board.  Dona Haydon will be president; Barb Sappie will be vice president and liaison; Elaine McKissick will be secretary; and Lynn will be treasurer and liasion to the board.

     She explained the regulations of the new charter.  The social club is not allowed to alter the property in any way without the approval of the board. The club cannot donate or buy anything without the approval of the board.

     Lynn distributed forms to be used as a guideline if you are in charge of a party as far as keeping track of how many people attend the party, your expenses, etc.  All receipts must be turned into Lynn when you complete the forms.

     We discussed getting a sign for the recreation area.   Rich Volden does not want his name on anything but would like to have a sign.  After some discussion of the stipulations regarding the sign, Leonora Hoenes said she is very happy and thankful to Rich that we have the area but doesn't think a sign is necessary.   A vote was taken and we decided not to get a sign.

     It is still uncertain who is going to be maintaining the area.  If maintenance is needed or new equipment is needed, a proposal has to be presented to the board.  Then, they will decide if they will pay for it or if the social club will pay for it.  They do have money in reserve for maintenance but at this point, it is unclear of what that involves.

     Treasurer's Report

    We have $2,758.08 in our account.


    Once again, Sandra Burke and her committee were recognized for the great job they do with the landscaping.

    Marge Provenzano was thanked for all her time and effort doing all the pictures.  She never turns in any receipts and was encouraged to do so. After the meeting, please pick up any pictures.

    Special thanks to the February party committee for a great western party.

    Big thanks to JoAnn Guy for the successful condo tour.

    There was a big round of applause for all.


    Bill Siudy said there were about 20 guys at the last gathering.  There will be a signup sheet on the bulletin board for the Wednesday, March 20 ROMEO. 


    Leonora Hoenes said the next luncheon will be Wednesday, March 27 at noon.  She is planning on having a speaker who arranges bus trips in Brevard County.  There will be a signup sheet on the bulletin board.


    Linda Rultand said she met with Sandra Burke regarding the club.   Since not enough people have been participating, they are suggesting that we go to the book club at the Cape Canaveral library which meets the last Friday of every month all year long. 

     Pearl Bensinger 

    Lorraine Pepper had been trying to contact Pearl and finally got in touch with her son.   Pearl passed away in September.   Lorraine has a sympathy card to sign to give to the family for those who knew Pearl

    EPCOT Flower Show 

    Leonora Hoenes said the trip is planned for Tuesday, March 12.   Call her for details.

     February Crossover 

    John McNamara said there were at least 70 people there.  Lots of good food and he wanted to thank everyone in the B buiding who contributed.

    March Crossover 

    MaryBeth Haywood said she will organize the crossover for Friday, March 22.   Anyone from the C building who would like to bring something, call MaryBeth.

     Since we don’t have the crossovers on the crossover anymore, we talked about a different name for the gatherings.  After a brief discussion, it was decided if you are in charge you can call it anything you want.

    February Party Report 

    Donna McCrary said there 59 people at the party.  She thanked their committee for all their help.  The committee members were:  Donna & Leon McCrary, Dick & Leonora Hoenes, Carolyn Baron and Chuck Noonan, June & Don Dougall, and Sherry & Mike Thomson.  She encouraged people to host a party emphasizing that if you get a committee together,everyone is good at doing something they like to do.  If everyone does their part, it is much easier on the hosts.   They turned in $180.24 to the social club.

     Horse Racing Party 

    Next year we will discuss having a party and explain more about it.  JoAnn Guy and Anne Siudy have slips for the betting already made up.

     Golf Tournament 

    Lynda Murphy said that the deadline to sign up is today.  Tomorrow the information will be given to the teams.   There will be at least 8 teams.  After the tournament the group goes to the Sunset Restaurant for the awards.  You do not have to be in the tournament to go to the restaurant but if you want to bet, you have to go to the restaurant.

     Maintenance Staff 

    Last year we gave the maintenance staff $50 each for all their help during the year.   Leon McCrary made a motion to give the money again this year; MaryBeth Haywood seconded the motion.   All agreed.


    There will be a container in the office if you want to give non-perishable to Jose’ to take to his church.  If you have large items, he will arrange to pick them up. 


    This Sunday, March 10 at 7:00   Everyone is welcome.  BYOB and some snacks


    Rich Volden said the teams are in the process of playng their playoff games.   The finals will take place on the day of the end-of-year party.


    Rich Voden discussed the party.   Everyone is invited and there is no cost.   It is pot luck, BYOB.  Hot dogs and sloppy Joe’s will be provided. They will start to set up at 8:30.  Please let Rich know if you can help set up.   The final games of bocce and shuffleboard will be played to determine the champions. 

     Sign up for the triathlon after the meeting.  You play bocce, shuffleboard, and bean toss.   There is a time limit of 25 minutes for each game.   Let Rich know if you want to sign up. 


    Saturday, Jaunary 18 and Wednesday, February 19.   Please let us know if you be willing to volunteer to be in charge of either of these parties.    If you have a theme in mind, let us know in advance so the snowbirds can bring anything they might need from home.

    Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections to these minutes.

  • Condo Tour

    Author: Elaine, Published: Mar 4, 2019

    For those of you who are not on Facebook, here are some pictures from today.  The tour was a huge success.   Thanks again to JoAnn and all the people who showed their condos.   62 people went on the tour so that's $310 for the Social Committee.   Larry Campbell and Clemence Brouillette each won a door prize. It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  

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  • Italian Night Party

    Author: Elaine, Published: Mar 4, 2019

    Dona and I wanted to thank our committee for stepping up to the plate and helping us with the party. We basically had one meeting and everyone volunteered to do all the various things involved with the party. Thank you Linda and Gary Raiti, Judy Holthouse, Anne Siudy, and Jim and Sheila Meier. Bill Siudy and John McKissick admitted they didn't do much to help but let's just say they were the wind beneath our wings. lol Special thanks to Don Dougall for getting the door prizes. Also, thanks to Dick Hoenes for doing the blessing.

    For those of you who are not on fb, I've attached the pictures.

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